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Draw up list when you are planning marquee wedding

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The date for your wedding is set; you have sent out all the invites; you have selected a dress and you even have the bridal party all chosen. The only thing that is left is to plan what your marquee wedding will look like. It can be rather daunting, but not if you are organized. Marquee weddings come with many advantages but most people choose them because they allow them to customize your wedding to their desire. A marquee is like a blank canvas – you can do whatever you want with it.

When planning a marquee wedding, the first thing you should do is draw up two lists, one showing all the suppliers that you will need to make your wedding happen and the other showing how much they will cost you. A list ensures that nothing is left out. It helps if you can sit with someone who has had a marquee event – they already know all that is needed. If you cannot find anyone, you can visits a marquee company – they give free consultations all the time.

Once you have a list visit the marquee company that you have chosen and see the kind of marquees that they have on offer. Choose one that can accommodate all your guests. Don’t forget that you will need space for food, a dance floor and even maybe a changing room. You should take all these things into account when you are deciding on size.

Now that you have a marquee you can go ahead and visit the site where it will be set up. The marquee company will send someone along with you to advise you aspects such as which direction the marquee will face (views are important on your wedding) and also things such as where your guests will park. You will also discuss things such as flooring, heating, lighting, microphones and speakers. Ask about toilet options – the ordinary portable loo is not suitable for your wedding so find out if they have luxury toilets – they are spacious and they look good at weddings.

If you don’t have a caterer this is a good time to ask the marquee company if they can provide one. The great thing about a marquee wedding is that you can choose whatever menu you want, including having an outdoors barbeque (they are so much more fun!). Hotels usually insist on doing the breakfast wedding and pre-wedding dinner buffet but with a marquee wedding you can avoid these additional expenses and just focus on providing your guests with one wonderful meal.

Now that you have everything all set it is time for you to go back and do last minute preparations. The marquee company will set up the day before the wedding and make sure that everything is ready.


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Reception Venue: Making Your Day Unique


Room close 2

Room close


Every wedding is original’. This statement is most certainly true, but if we are honest some are more original than others! When hiring a wedding reception venue it is useful to understand straight away if they provide in-house decoration. If so, beware that there may a limited choice on offer and that your original ideas may not be catered for.

Increasingly, many wedding venues including hotels and stately homes have preferred external partners that have been sourced carefully and have provided a previously good service. As the customers / married couple to be your ideas need to take precedence. The decorators will most certainly have their own ideas and are likely to show you their previous creations. Follow your ideas and themes but it is useful to spend some time thinking about your vision for the venue. The key things to think about are:

  • Colour scheme
  • Table centre pieces
  • Lighting
  • Wedding favours

Colour scheme is extremely important. Many brides like to use their own dress and those of their bridesmaids as a colour palette to work from. For example, and ivory wedding dress and plum bridesmaids dresses can equate to ivory linen and chair with a plum sash or plum chair covers with an ivory sash. Obviously you must have decided upon the dresses beforehand! Hire companies tend to charge a fee per seat cover / sash which includes the dry cleaning and delivery and collection.

A recent idea that has become increasingly popular is that of a chocolate fountain or sweet cart. These are certainly Create a great focal point and will have your guests smiling. Sweet trees as centre pieces or retro sweet bags as favours make for a fun idea. There is so much choice out there that it really pays to research as much as possible.

Lighting is a really key feature of any wedding reception décor and fairy lights especially add that extra sparkle to your day. There are numerous companies which hire fairy light ‘curtains’ which can provide a feature backdrop behind the top table. These can range in price but really do add the ‘wow’ factor and can really help to transform any venue. Tea lights, lanterns or candelabras also light up the tables and there are so many ways to create the perfect wedding atmosphere. I would suggest making lighting a priority in your conversations with the decorating team.

Quite obviously there is a lot to take into consideration when considering the perfect décor for your venue, but with a lot of research one can really make the finished product really perfect and very original indeed!

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January 20, 2014 · 3:45 pm