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A vintage wedding – the right choice for you

Vintage is all the rage at the moment in London and there are countless requests for advice and ideas about dressing your dinner party or event up as a stylish and vintage theme.

vintage style dinner party

Taking a vintage or shabby chic theme gives you fantastic opportunities to be creative with the décor, accessories and centre pieces at your event, particularly at weddings.

The great thing about having a vintage wedding – it never goes out of date! Vintage weddings never go out of fashion, so you are secure in choosing colours, flowers and accessories in keeping with your vintage or shabby chic theme, you will know that looking back will show your wedding to be timeless.

Planning a shabby chic or vintage wedding gives you great versatility and freedom as you have a wide range of ideas and inspiration available to you. There is a myriad of collection pieces, furniture and themes that you can choose from.

Shabby chic, like vintage, is a very popular wedding choice as it gives a really on-trend vintage feel and theme. It is an interesting and quirky departure from the traditional white wedding, making the day live long in the memory and stand out.

Your table and chair choice must be a considered one, as this can offset the theme and provide a good contrast to the arrangements and colours. Circular banqueting tables or rectangular banqueting tables are a staple at weddings and inner parties, but you can make them more interesting through using different styles of chairs, giving a quirky, vintage twist on the traditional wedding or dinner party uniformity.

Using a range of chairs such as wooden French carver or oak chairs, coupled with chiavari chairs could give set the evening off and underline the vintage and shabby chic theme. Alternatively, using the same banqueting chairs with a mixture of sashes and chair covers could also provide good contrast to the event if you preferred more uniformity.

Delicately choosing items can enrich the wedding, adding romantic lighting to guest’s tables, using warm colour in your theme can make the wedding venue feel more intimate and warm as well as exuding character.

For a wedding like this there are many things to consider that you may not usually consider for, say, a traditional white wedding. An example is that instead of traditional table decorations, maybe you do something different like using a tealight holder, which is becoming a very popular item at many shabby chic occasion, not just weddings.

You can consider a range of accessories for weddings and other events, such as heart shaped items, wirework or woodwork products, vintage candelabras, photo frames and placemats.

So if you are planning on having a vintage or shabby-chic event you have a great range of items to consider and it will be a fun process narrowing down the options. Vintage and shabby chic is a great style and your event will be timeless.


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