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How Ryan met the love of his life thanks to a kitchen equipment hire company

couple with wedding furnitureCan running out of kitchen equipments and hiring them get you the love of your life? Well, It has been said that one falls in love with the most unexpected person and at the most unexpected time. Behind every marriage there is a love story, behind every love story there are two persons who have to answer How you fell in love? When? etc. And the answer to these questions are very silly even to the couples who are answering it. Such is the story of Ryan and Martha who are a happy newly married couple.

It all started with Ryan. After getting recruited it was his first day in office. As you all know that it is a common trend for a fresher or for a newbie to throw a party for his or her fellow workers. Ryan had to do the same. Ryan was staying in a rented apartment sharing with one of his friends. He needed to plan the party for his office fellow workers. He took the help of his friend and they planned out everything, the day of the party, theme of the party, food, beverages, etc. Since he was organizing the party in his home he needed utensils and kitchen equipments for food and beverages.

Now there were only two people in that apartment and in no way they could have all the kitchen equipments for so many people. So what was the solution?. It was pure luck, when Ryan read an advertisement in the newspaper with the title “Kitchen Equipment Hire” with a punch line “Ran out of kitchen equipments, hire us. We provide from crockery, cutlery, to bowls, serving utensils, bar accessories, etc.” Ryan immediately called their number and asked all the details, price and hired them. He gave them the details of the party so that they could arrange everything in time.

Now the day for Ryan came when he was gonna fall in love.The agency sent the kitchen equipments to Ryan’s house and the person who was in-charge of it was, any guesses? Yes, Martha. When he saw her, he just couldn’t see anything except her. It was a love at first sight for him. She was wearing a blue dress. Ryan introduced himself to Martha. But after this party Ryan started throwing small-small parties just so that he had to hire kitchen equipments and he will get to see Martha.

He always specifically asked the agency for Martha reasoning that she was giving a pleasant customer service and he is comfortable with her. Soon they became friends, exchanged numbers and started talking. Ryan was in heaven. One day when they met for a coffee just out of curiosity Martha asked Ryan that why he is being friends with her? She meant that he was having a high profile job and taking out time in between office hours just to meet her for coffee. Ryan didn’t know what to say, he was nervous. He gathered courage, held her hand in his hand and said two lines to her which till date he doesn’t know how he said. The two lines were “The moment you entered my life in blue, All I could see around was you.”

And that was it, Martha was with tears in her eyes, a joyful expression and they kissed. Now,they are a happily married couple. So if you run out of kitchen equipments and have to hire them, it might probably be a good thing for you.

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