Valentines, Proposals and Duvet Days….

ImageHappy Valentines today! What better way to make it the perfect Valentines by proposing to your other half (Singles, obviously!) Having just seen an advertisement for a competition to propose on top of London’s Shard tower, I started thinking about these outlandish and (depending on your point of view) fantastic displays of public affection or ‘PDA’s. Some are fans, some are not.

I thought I sat on the fence about this specific subject but maybe not as I am still disappointed about my own proposal over 4 years ago…. The other half took to me to Westfield for a birthday shopping trip and we happened to stop by Tiffany’s, as you do. As I was drooling over the beautiful necklaces he grabbed by the hand brought me to the engagement rings section and told me ‘you’d better choose one’. I’m not sure if I was more shocked at the proposal or the blunt manner of it and it took a while for me to be brought to my senses. In the meantime he had started to go down on one knee before I pulled him up abruptly and asked him not to embarrass me. Suffice to say it was all rather odd and not the image I’d had of my proposal of marriage! I was so shocked that I could not concentrate on choosing an engagement ring so we had dinner before returning to the store. The one, very obvious, positive thing about it was I got to choose the perfect Tiffany’s ring and by then was ready to tell the world that we were engaged!

 Eng ringWith no end of different ways to propose, the more romantic gentleman can really go to town. The most spectacular of proposals might the type where bi-planes are hired and spell out ‘will you marry me?’ or the same question is asked via announcement boards at big football games (think Kanye and Kim, if you must!) Think though, of the poor women involved in a high jinks prank carried out by a conniving chef in the US, Soup orders of women on romantic date’s came with a surprising ingredient, an engagement ring! As well being obvious choking hazards there were a fair few embarrassed faces as their stuttering and embarrassed companions had to explain the added extra was not in fact theirs and marriage was not their intention! Suffice to say, said chef was quickly shown the door and management were quick to apologise. I wonder how many relationships ended that night…..

DuvetSo Valentines truly is supposed to the anniversary of love and all are supposed to be swept of their feet. Unfortunately real life gets in the way and if that means bad moods, dodgy presents or a lack of a date then the ‘Christmas Effect’ can take hold and it can go spectacularly wrong. If you are not a fan of this very red day then I suggest you hide under the covers, get a box of non-heart shaped chocolates and have a duvet day, I’m with you all the way.


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