Draw up list when you are planning marquee wedding

wedding marquees

The date for your wedding is set; you have sent out all the invites; you have selected a dress and you even have the bridal party all chosen. The only thing that is left is to plan what your marquee wedding will look like. It can be rather daunting, but not if you are organized. Marquee weddings come with many advantages but most people choose them because they allow them to customize your wedding to their desire. A marquee is like a blank canvas – you can do whatever you want with it.

When planning a marquee wedding, the first thing you should do is draw up two lists, one showing all the suppliers that you will need to make your wedding happen and the other showing how much they will cost you. A list ensures that nothing is left out. It helps if you can sit with someone who has had a marquee event – they already know all that is needed. If you cannot find anyone, you can visits a marquee company – they give free consultations all the time.

Once you have a list visit the marquee company that you have chosen and see the kind of marquees that they have on offer. Choose one that can accommodate all your guests. Don’t forget that you will need space for food, a dance floor and even maybe a changing room. You should take all these things into account when you are deciding on size.

Now that you have a marquee you can go ahead and visit the site where it will be set up. The marquee company will send someone along with you to advise you aspects such as which direction the marquee will face (views are important on your wedding) and also things such as where your guests will park. You will also discuss things such as flooring, heating, lighting, microphones and speakers. Ask about toilet options – the ordinary portable loo is not suitable for your wedding so find out if they have luxury toilets – they are spacious and they look good at weddings.

If you don’t have a caterer this is a good time to ask the marquee company if they can provide one. The great thing about a marquee wedding is that you can choose whatever menu you want, including having an outdoors barbeque (they are so much more fun!). Hotels usually insist on doing the breakfast wedding and pre-wedding dinner buffet but with a marquee wedding you can avoid these additional expenses and just focus on providing your guests with one wonderful meal.

Now that you have everything all set it is time for you to go back and do last minute preparations. The marquee company will set up the day before the wedding and make sure that everything is ready.


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A vintage wedding – the right choice for you

Vintage is all the rage at the moment in London and there are countless requests for advice and ideas about dressing your dinner party or event up as a stylish and vintage theme.

vintage style dinner party

Taking a vintage or shabby chic theme gives you fantastic opportunities to be creative with the décor, accessories and centre pieces at your event, particularly at weddings.

The great thing about having a vintage wedding – it never goes out of date! Vintage weddings never go out of fashion, so you are secure in choosing colours, flowers and accessories in keeping with your vintage or shabby chic theme, you will know that looking back will show your wedding to be timeless.

Planning a shabby chic or vintage wedding gives you great versatility and freedom as you have a wide range of ideas and inspiration available to you. There is a myriad of collection pieces, furniture and themes that you can choose from.

Shabby chic, like vintage, is a very popular wedding choice as it gives a really on-trend vintage feel and theme. It is an interesting and quirky departure from the traditional white wedding, making the day live long in the memory and stand out.

Your table and chair choice must be a considered one, as this can offset the theme and provide a good contrast to the arrangements and colours. Circular banqueting tables or rectangular banqueting tables are a staple at weddings and inner parties, but you can make them more interesting through using different styles of chairs, giving a quirky, vintage twist on the traditional wedding or dinner party uniformity.

Using a range of chairs such as wooden French carver or oak chairs, coupled with chiavari chairs could give set the evening off and underline the vintage and shabby chic theme. Alternatively, using the same banqueting chairs with a mixture of sashes and chair covers could also provide good contrast to the event if you preferred more uniformity.

Delicately choosing items can enrich the wedding, adding romantic lighting to guest’s tables, using warm colour in your theme can make the wedding venue feel more intimate and warm as well as exuding character.

For a wedding like this there are many things to consider that you may not usually consider for, say, a traditional white wedding. An example is that instead of traditional table decorations, maybe you do something different like using a tealight holder, which is becoming a very popular item at many shabby chic occasion, not just weddings.

You can consider a range of accessories for weddings and other events, such as heart shaped items, wirework or woodwork products, vintage candelabras, photo frames and placemats.

So if you are planning on having a vintage or shabby-chic event you have a great range of items to consider and it will be a fun process narrowing down the options. Vintage and shabby chic is a great style and your event will be timeless.

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Casablanca Hire has become one of the event industry leaders to secure a .London domain name!

Casablanca-Hire-Dot-London-Pioneers wp

During an exclusive ‘priority period’ Casablanca Marquees was able to secure five .London domain names in what could be a pioneering move to appeal to potential customers in and around London and has trademarked its business name and logo, giving it priority for these new generic Top-Level Domains.

As London’s premier event hire company it is only right that that the industry-leading company pioneers the new domain names as part of their overall marketing strategy. They are based in NW9 London and supply a whole host of event hire equipment, such as marquees, furniture and catering equipment for major corporate and private hospitality events around the capital and the South East of England.

Some 45 % of Casablanca Hire’s new customers come through their website and web presence. The team have tuned into this fact and secured the five different .london usernames to ensure all possible search terms are covered by potential customers.

Utilising their new domain names, such as chairhire.london and eventhire.london, the company is zoning in on a targeted, potential audience of customers looking for hospitality services in and around the capital.

Heath Meek, owner of Casablanca Hire, said: “Many of our existing customers found us by putting terms like ‘chair hire London’ into Google. Having a .london domain name will therefore give us a real competitive advantage as we believe .London could end up outranking .com and .co.uk on search. As well as using it for our main company website we’ll also be using the other .London domains we’ve secured to build websites to target specific products within our markets.”

Due to Casablanca Hire’s forward thinking strategy the team was able to secure the .London domain names during the ‘priority period’. Now that this ‘priority period’ has closed it means that they will have leapfrogged other businesses and will be able to stay ahead of the curve.

Gordon Innes, Chief Executive of London & Partners, the Mayor’s promotional company for London which runs the Dot London domain, said: “We want Dot London to become the domain of choice for the city’s business community so I’m delighted that Casablanca Hire has chosen Dot London for its new website. Anyone searching for event hire in the capital will clearly see Casablanca’s London credentials. I hope it’s a badge the company will wear with pride.”

This certainly fits in with Casablanca Hire’s standing as London’s premier event hire and hospitality company, in addition to the fact the company has built its reputation on serving the people of London – and the surrounding areas in the South East – meaning it will become more accessible to Londoners.

Heath Meek adds, “As a proud London-based company serving Londoners we really wanted to be one of the first companies to buy a .London domain.”

So if you’re intrigued about the new domain names, or even if you want more information on the services provided by Casablanca Hire for your event or special occasion, don’t forget to check out their new .london websites – which should be appearing at the top of a search engine near you!

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Be original hire a wedding magician!


If, for your special day you are looking for something original, and let’s face it for today’s costly and uber trendy weddings originality is a must; then you could do well to consider hiring a wedding magician.

On that big day, you want everything to go perfectly. This is not an annual event after all, but the most important day of your life and the pinnacle of months of preparation. It has to be right.

When booking your wedding magician, there are a number of factors to consider:

  • Distance.
  • Type of Performance.
  • Duration.
  • The Date and Time of the Event.
  • The Number of Guests.
  • The Performer’s Experience

All professional magicians would be prepared to travel a remote location. Obviously, the further away your venue, the greater the cost of hiring your chosen entertainer.

Type of Performance
Different weddings require different types of entertainment, and a wedding magician can offer a range of magic shows to fit your needs. Magicians can be cheeky and chatty, or formal and silent. Some perform mentalism routines, astounding your guests with their mind reading skills, whilst others specialise in ropes and cards or just use the items off the dining tables.

  • A professional performer will be able to help you decide what is best for your particular wedding reception. Having decided on the style with them, you may also find that the wedding magician can perform their routines in a number of ways:
  • A Table-Hopping magician will entertain your guests, between courses, while they are seated at a formal dinner. They are adept at performing, whilst not obstructing any catering staff from performing their job.
  • Mix & Mingle magic is a very popular approach for any event where people are standing in groups. Often, the magician will appear to be another guest before unexpectedly performing their routines.
  • With a Close-up Show the magician will perform close up magic in a set location, performing his routines as people approach. This is a popular option for those wishing a less intrusive form of magical entertainment.
  • A Cabaret Show occurs on the stage or dance floor, where the guests would sit and watch a set-length performance – usually 45 minutes to an hour.

A typical wedding magician will, depending on the type of entertainment you’re looking for, perform for 2-3 hours across a 3-4 hour period. In between performances they will be resetting, preparing for the next period and grabbing something to eat and drink before entertaining you with some more magical miracles.

The Date and Time of the Event
Simply put, some days are more expensive than others. Booking your magician on Christmas Day is going to cost you a lot more than booking them on a chilly Tuesday evening in April. But then again, you’ve already found that out with the caterers, the DJ and the ice carving delivery service.

The Number of Guests
With a larger reception, the wedding magician will have to prepare a lot more routines and perform for a longer period, to ensure that all your guests have been fully entertained.

The Performer’s Experience
This is possibly the most important factor when choosing the right wedding magician for your reception. A professional close-up magician will typically charge between £250 and £650 for their services, depending on the requirements listed above. A cabaret act’s prices, with all their ‘big box’ illusions, may differ.

Hunting around, you can possibly find cheaper, but you are taking the risk of hiring someone who ‘knows a few tricks’, rather than a full-time, dedicated professional. It’s like letting your ‘friend’s kid brother’ do the music, you may pay less in cash, but ultimately, it could cost you a lot more.

So to hire a wedding magician could certainly give your wedding that special wow factor and make it stand out from the crowd.

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How Ryan met the love of his life thanks to a kitchen equipment hire company

couple with wedding furnitureCan running out of kitchen equipments and hiring them get you the love of your life? Well, It has been said that one falls in love with the most unexpected person and at the most unexpected time. Behind every marriage there is a love story, behind every love story there are two persons who have to answer How you fell in love? When? etc. And the answer to these questions are very silly even to the couples who are answering it. Such is the story of Ryan and Martha who are a happy newly married couple.

It all started with Ryan. After getting recruited it was his first day in office. As you all know that it is a common trend for a fresher or for a newbie to throw a party for his or her fellow workers. Ryan had to do the same. Ryan was staying in a rented apartment sharing with one of his friends. He needed to plan the party for his office fellow workers. He took the help of his friend and they planned out everything, the day of the party, theme of the party, food, beverages, etc. Since he was organizing the party in his home he needed utensils and kitchen equipments for food and beverages.

Now there were only two people in that apartment and in no way they could have all the kitchen equipments for so many people. So what was the solution?. It was pure luck, when Ryan read an advertisement in the newspaper with the title “Kitchen Equipment Hire” with a punch line “Ran out of kitchen equipments, hire us. We provide from crockery, cutlery, to bowls, serving utensils, bar accessories, etc.” Ryan immediately called their number and asked all the details, price and hired them. He gave them the details of the party so that they could arrange everything in time.

Now the day for Ryan came when he was gonna fall in love.The agency sent the kitchen equipments to Ryan’s house and the person who was in-charge of it was, any guesses? Yes, Martha. When he saw her, he just couldn’t see anything except her. It was a love at first sight for him. She was wearing a blue dress. Ryan introduced himself to Martha. But after this party Ryan started throwing small-small parties just so that he had to hire kitchen equipments and he will get to see Martha.

He always specifically asked the agency for Martha reasoning that she was giving a pleasant customer service and he is comfortable with her. Soon they became friends, exchanged numbers and started talking. Ryan was in heaven. One day when they met for a coffee just out of curiosity Martha asked Ryan that why he is being friends with her? She meant that he was having a high profile job and taking out time in between office hours just to meet her for coffee. Ryan didn’t know what to say, he was nervous. He gathered courage, held her hand in his hand and said two lines to her which till date he doesn’t know how he said. The two lines were “The moment you entered my life in blue, All I could see around was you.”

And that was it, Martha was with tears in her eyes, a joyful expression and they kissed. Now,they are a happily married couple. So if you run out of kitchen equipments and have to hire them, it might probably be a good thing for you.

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Event At The Honourable Artillery Company



The Honourable Artillery Company event has resided in the same location for almost four hundred years, and their charity work is known widely. It was Casablanca Hire’s pleasure to provide them with excellent service and catering hire for their event. It was a highly complex arrangement, as the Honourable Artillery Company not only took advantage of Casablanca Hire’s excellent catering equipment hire, but also their marquees, lighting, and furniture hire.

Starting early in the day, their expert team arrived at the venue to begin putting up the marquee. It’s a delicate job, especially making sure that guests will not slip over, and so extra care was taken to keep the special flooring tightly held down. The catering hire team within Casablanca Hire worked ridiculously hard to make sure that every single part of the evening event would go off without a hitch. Flawlessness is something that Casablanca Hire is very well known for, and once again we did not disappoint.

Any event that has captured people’s imagination will require in-depth care and attention throughout to ensure that it can be the best that it can be. Catering hire is not something that should be considered last when you are planning an event, but first, because the quality of the food will always making the difference between success and failure. When it came to the Honourable Artillery Company, this was very pertinent, and every person that is a member of Casablanca Hire was proud to deliver another brilliant service through his or her catering hire.

Casablanca Hire has, for many people living with in London area, become the people of choice to talk to about events and catering hire. Why? Because we specialise not only in catering hire, but also in such a wide variety of party essentials that there really is no point going to see anyone else. Catering hire can be done badly, and too many people have suffered through an event which has terrible food due to a company not providing the very best in catering equipment. However, Casablanca Hire prides itself on only offering its customers the elite catering hire options for any event.

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Cocktails and Neon

cocktailThe recent film The Wolf of Wall Street got me thinking about the Eighties and what a crazy decade that was. I loved it! Even though I was very young I have such vivid memories, and how could I not?! It was the era of fluorescent everything, from bright orange hair to pink string vests and whenever I think of the eighties I think of Soda Streams, permed hair and FAME!

If you think back, Tom Cruise will never look as good as he did in Cocktail. What another great example of a classic 80’s movie, all disco music, testosterone and ‘loadsa money’. The movie helped the nation not only fall in love with Mr Cruise but also helped the rise in popularity of the beloved cocktail too. Americans would have us believe they invented these fine mixes but London’s love of the cocktail has a rich history dating back to the 1700’s when hard liquor found its way out of pharmacies and into public houses.

There is much debate as to who invented the term with references in print on both sides of the Atlantic dating back as far as 1798! Regardless, everyone loves a good cocktail and there are still numerous bars popping up all over London. A really good recent addition is Smiths in Brook Green, W6.To be found in the basement of The Brook Green Hotel, these guys have made a great impact on the local area since opening and the cosy booths, delicious cocktails and great bar food make for a really good evening out.

Everywhere we look there are reminders of the best decade (in my opinion!) and there really is a major industry in nostalgia lights alivewith numerous themed nights, revival tours and festivals, there is no lack of neon nostalgia for the 80’s enthusiast, some might even say that there’s a revival! The popularity of the series Ashes to Ashes most certainly had more to do with the nostalgia of the music than anything else. It was such an eclectic of music and fashion, from Diana Ross to Madness and jumpsuits to neon legwarmers. There is something about neon that makes me come over all sentimental and I think it might have been my fascination with‘Lights Alive’ (pictured left).

Many a night was spent under the bed covers creating neon pictures with Lights Alive and when I recently came across a firm running neon making classes I was completely hooked. Neon Workshops hold the majority of ther sessions in Wakefield Yorkshire but also across the country in places such as London and Brighton. For another complete Neon sensation then look no further than Gods Own Junkyard in Walthamstow. This is truly an amazing collection of neon artistry that really wows the senses.

kerry and wendyFor me neon and cocktails are an inseparable 80’s combination which will never go out of fashion, unlike those legwarmers…



Neon Workshops:


God’s Own Junkyard:


Red Carpet Hire


Table & Chair Hire


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